When Bernadette and myself were in England in 1986  on our honeymoon we were introduced to Valerie Alanden from Erenden kennels via Edie Mickelthwaite and at the time Valerie was heavily into Miniature Bull Terriers even though she did have a really nice male Bull Terrier that was there family pet that probably would have been competitive in the ring  but there main love was the Miniature Bull Terrier.

We brought home some of Valerie’s kennel promotional cards and a video of all her dogs. At this time we were not interested in owning Miniatures we still found them as just a smaller version of the Bull Terrier same temperament, same appearance. It was about this time Valerie was putting the interbreeding program into action which was proving to be a success.

Back home we were at our friends place by the name of Joy and Brian Schafer who own the prefix of Schardale and we showed Joy and Brian the video and the stud cards of the Erenden dogs in which they found very interesting, within the next year or so Joy and Brian started importing Miniatures to Australia from England.


Wow these Miniatures took our country by storm and I mean by storm they were accepted by most.  The people that didn’t except them really had their noses out of joint but thankfully most of the hard heads are now no longer in our breed.

Over the next few years we supported the Miniatures and then decided to have a few litters of our own to help the gene pool as our pedigrees were totally different to any others that the Miniatures carried.

This is when we decided to try and breed Miniature Bull Terriers with as much Bull Terrier blood in them as we could, we weren’t worried about the size at this moment but we were worried about the health problems with the pll (primary lens luxation) and also we were concerned about Bull Terrier type in general which still to this day is a huge importance as is power and substance plus type are every thing to our kennel.

To this day we have had really good success in incorporating some of England’s finest Bull Terrier stud dogs into our pedigrees like Ch. Boco Be Good of Aricon , Jamies Bright Star at Ishaba ,

Ch. Emred Devils Chance just to name a few. This is where we have bred some of Australia’s finest Miniature Bull Terriers that are highly competitive with the Bull Terriers in the, in show awards at Bull Terrier show level and all breed show level.


Most of Stardom Miniatures are owned by our very good friend Merryl Elphick, because to breed and own Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers would make our kennel at home huge and the time that is needed for each individual dog would almost be impossible to give.

Merryl has a long standing back ground in show horses and I am yet to see a better groomer of dogs and a more pedantic person when it comes to having dogs ready for shows Merryl’s Miniatures are the fittest Miniatures imaginable and also their coats are second to none. Even now Bernadette and I take the glory of showing some of the Miniatures the credit must go to Merryl and the countless hours of work that go into the Stardom Miniatures.

Between Merryl , Bernadette and myself we strive on stud dogs as we find well bred and strongly line bred stud dogs never let you down we also have a selection of some of Australia’s finest bred Miniature bitches to carry our kennel on incase of the inter breeding program being discontinued.



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